Swanage Protection Camp – About & How To Help

The proposed drilling site at Swanage has been occupied since 25th September 2016 to secure it against works.

Dorset County Council have thus far been unable to demonstrate that they are following legal guidelines to protect the site.

How Can You Help?


Pop by and say hello! The campaigners love the company and if you can, check out the daily wish list, you might be able to help bring something along that they need.

Wish List and Camp Updates:

Swanage Protection Camp

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Read more about the background of this site on this dedicated page.

Welcome to Fossil Free Dorset!

IMG_2166It is vital that we keep fossil fuels in the ground, in order to prevent irreversible climate change.  It will take ordinary people, all over the world, to make sure we can do our own bit and exert all possible pressure on those in authority.

Fossil Free Dorset is about us doing our bit here in Dorset, and we are a sister group to all the other groups out there working peacefully towards the same cause.

Over the coming weeks and months we aim to grow our numbers, provide you with resources and highlight actions you can take to help.  There is already a petition on the resources page that you can download and events in local areas will be listed.

To engage in conversation please join our Facebook group: or comment on any post.

Our success will depend greatly upon the amount of public support we can rally here in Dorset, so please do like and share as much as you can with your social networks!