Camp Diary – Dec 1st 2016

End of a chapter approaches …..


On Dec 3rd, planning permission expires for a drill site at California Quarry – Swanage.

Fighting back such a site after planning has been granted has not been easy and of course it does not stop another application being made.

Having said that, the group has learnt a lot along the way and is much better prepared now than ever to stop another plan getting as far as having planning granted.

This weekend is one for celebration, to take a breather, to take stock and to have some drinks! (Somewhere warmer than on camp)


We have been given a lot of support from various sources to help us capture our story and get our message out there. Over the coming days, we will be posting up links to interviews, photos and films.

To kick off with, here is an interview with Frances Leader, thanks to Lush for writing this up. Lush article



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